Just Chillin’

Stacee Foxx started her own ice cream truck, Just Chillin’, to give kids a sweet childhood memory to look back on. 

Some childhood memories are so special they deserve to be shared and relived with the next generation. 

For Anthem mom, Stacee Foxx, one of those sweet memories was stopping by the ice cream truck once a week after school and walking home with her friends.

Seeing local trucks were rare in her area, Foxx found her own vintage ice cream truck, and started Just Chillin’ Ice Cream. She brings the indulgent treats and future memories to kids. 

“After school, [when I was younger] we’d stop at the ice cream truck, get ice cream and walk home with our friends,” Foxx said. “It was an experience, and I feel like kids these days don’t have enough of those types of experiences. It takes doing something over and over again to make it that repetitive experience and childhood memory. I really wanted to give them that.”

Once Foxx purchased her truck, she organized routes. The owner of a fellow local ice cream truck, Bright Angel, mentored Foxx. She then decided to fill a void and became the “after-school ice cream truck.”

Seven years later, Foxx’s routes have remained mostly unchanged, and she regularly visits elementary schools. Just Chillin’ Ice Cream rolls up at Gavilan Peak Elementary on Mondays, Anthem Elementary on Tuesdays, Canyon Springs Elementary on Wednesdays and Diamond Canyon Elementary on Thursdays. Once the after-school crowd quiets down, Foxx drives through the nearby neighborhoods. On Fridays, she drives through Arroyo Norte.

Foxx has regulars, too, like Hayden Marks, who has visited the Just Chillin’ truck with his dad every Tuesday for years.

“They developed a special bond,” said Hayden’s mom, Sharon.

“She’s not just the ice cream truck girl. She’s pretty much his friend. Every week he says, ‘I have to see Stacee, I have to see Stacee,’ and if he doesn’t see her after school, he sits by the window waiting to hear her music to make sure he sees her.”

Foxx doesn’t just deliver treats to Hayden. Before COVID-19, she occasionally allowed him to help serve customers. While he was having a blast, she was also teaching him math by counting the money and dealing out change.

Hayden loves his ice cream, but, just like Foxx said, his parents are happy to relive some of their childhood memories.

“My husband grew up in New York, so the ice cream truck was more around his neighborhood,” Sharon said. “Just the sound of the music and she has an actually old-school ice cream truck … it’s nostalgic for us and brings back memories. Obviously, my son loves the ice cream truck, but we do, too. It brings back memories of our childhood.”

Her most popular items are the traditional bomb pops and ice cream sandwiches, but Foxx said most adults tend to go for what they always got as a kid. They give their kids suggestions based on their favorites. She also has “a little something for everyone,” with gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and peanut-free options.

Foxx’s old-fashioned truck is charming, but as an antique, it requires many repairs. It was nearly totaled in a crash in early 2020 when the brakes went out. Fixing the truck was expensive, but Foxx said the community supported her.

“Someone I didn’t even know created a GoFundMe for the truck,” Foxx said. “Somebody else that I didn’t know created a whole page for people to get updates on my repairs and to offer support in any way they could help me. 

“So many people were so generous, even with just their words, it lifted me up during a hard time. It was incredible, honestly.

Just Chillin’ Ice Cream Truck

WHEN: 3 to 6 p.m.

WHERE: Elementary schools and

surrounding neighborhoods, listed below.

Mondays: Gavilan Peak Elementary

Tuesdays: Anthem Elementary

Wednesdays: Canyon Springs Elementary

Thursdays: Diamond Canyon Elementary 

Fridays: (No schools) Arroyo Norte


INFO: facebook.com/justchillinicecream