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Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have had the privilege of caring for many people infected with COVID-19. I have seen suffering and tragedy, loss and despair, but have also seen hope and recovery. We now have a vaccine to prevent this.


Last week, this column chronicled a curious confrontation on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University, involving harassment of two white students by Black students affiliated with the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition.

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Students from Great Hearts Anthem Prep Academy and Archway Classical Academy clapped and cheered from their desks as they watched, via livestream, shovels hit the dirt just 2 miles down the road.

Cave Creek Town Council voted to allow Paul Eelkema, vice chairman of the planning commission, to stay on the board after he breached the proper chain of communication in a 5-2 decision at the Oct. 4 meeting.

Several months ago, most Americans were doing pretty well and living their lives. A lot has changed since then. Eviction requirements have been lifted. Inflation is roaring and that affects people’s ability to purchase fuel, food, pay rent or a mortgage and/or manage a growing family or a se…