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The nationwide labor shortage will impact summer fun for untold thousands of Phoenix children and adults this summer after the city announced it can open only half of its pools beginning Memorial Day weekend.

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Through the mists of memory comes this observation from the now-retired Washington Post columnist Robert J. Samuelson: “When one side deliberately distorts and misstates the arguments of the other, the intent is not to debate, but to destroy.”

When you dial 911 in an emergency, you rightfully expect your local fire department to show up promptly. If you live in an urban area where 911 response times typically average about 5 or 6 minutes, a rapid response is the norm. However, if you live or even travel outside the more densely po…

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The Phoenix Police Department released a critical incident briefing video on April 28, offering more information about an April 14 officer-involved shooting near Cave Creek and Beardsley roads. 

A neighborhood center with a Fry’s Food Store and Fuel Center and other businesses is coming to North Phoenix, according to the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

Flush with a $76 million surplus from this year, Phoenix City Manager Jeff Barton is proposing $1.7 billion in general fund spending for the fiscal year beginning July 1 that includes the creation of 166 new positions at a cost of $21 million.

A 14-member ad hoc committee recommended to Phoenix City Council a broad range of initiatives for moving the city toward more electric vehicle use, urging the construction of 500 charging stations, buying 200 EVs for city use and even developing a ride-sharing plan to give low-income people …