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The phone rings. Caller ID lists APS. The caller says your electricity will be shut off within the hour if you don’t pay your overdue bill immediately. Hang up — this is a scam.

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In my first newspaper job 30 years ago, I worked for higher-ups who were, to put it mildly, cretins. One boss, dead now, stood out for his screaming, insults, and the glee he took in being outrageously offensive.


It seems we are all thankful for the ability to get together this year. Last year we had to cope with words like “social distancing” and “nuclear family gatherings,” with suggestions of holding dinner outdoors. Well, good riddance to 2020. 

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Desert Foothills Library has scheduled a multitude of interesting events for December at its building, 38443 N. School House Road, Cave Creek. All programs are free. The library will be closed Thursday, Dec. 23, to Saturday, Dec. 25, and Friday, Dec. 31. 

Seeking relief from politicians and government “run amok,” residents-led Carefree Citizens for Responsible Government has filed hundreds of signatures to qualify two ballot initiatives meant to reform the town and its elected government.