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The nationwide labor shortage will impact summer fun for untold thousands of Phoenix children and adults this summer after the city announced it can open only half of its pools beginning Memorial Day weekend.

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For years, we have heard a few thousand tales about election theft, conspiracies and fraud. “They,” we are told, hand-pick certain candidates to win, rigging the balloting to get their preferred outcome.

You wake up before the sun rises and watch the video one more time, to be sure your eyes have not fooled you. The footage is grainy, shot by surveillance cameras, lit by street lamps. The hazy flash of fire takes your breath away.

A colleague of mine just came back from a romantic trip to Italy and France with a new lady friend. I boldly asked him if he fell in love. He replied, “What is love?” Then he challenged me to describe love, because he couldn’t be sure if he would “know it when it happened.”

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“Discovering Desert Diversity – The Splendor of Southwest Lands” is the theme for the 2022 Studio Art Quilt Associates Arizona Regional Conference set for Friday, Aug. 19, at Phoenix Forge, a community makerspace, 535 W. Van Buren Street, Phoenix.

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Abrazo is inviting Northeast Valley nurses to attend a casual social event on Tuesday, June 7, at The Craftsman Cocktails & Kitchen in Scottsdale to learn about jobs at the company’s Scottsdale and Cave Creek campuses. 

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The U.S. House passed a bill introduced by Arizona District 3 Congressman Raul Grijalva that would authorize the Colorado River Indian Tribes to lease a portion of its federal Colorado River water allocation.

The Anthem Community Council amended its graffiti and vandalism policy to establish enforcement measures, including fines, for nonaction on the property owner’s part after complaints about the issue from residents.

City Manager Jeff Barton selected Michael Sullivan, who currently serves as deputy commissioner of the Compliance Bureau for the Baltimore Police Department, to serve as the Phoenix Police Department interim police chief starting Sept. 12, 2022.

After a highly competitive election and talk of changing the town’s course, Carefree residents voted to keep all current members of council and add Sheila Amoroso, who previously served on a town committee.

The Anthem chapter of the Philanthropic Educational Organization Sisterhood, a U.S. and Canadian nonprofit organization that helps women achieve their educational goals, is set to have a meeting in Anthem Thursday, Sept. 1, to discuss requirements for scholarships they offer and answer any q…