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The Words Being Written


Shea Stanfield
Arts Columnist

“The words were being written and they were willing to finish the story with her…” is an excerpt from Gifts of Sisterhood, Journey from Grief to Gratitude, by local author Patricia L. Brooks. It’s nearly an impossible task to sum up all of Patricia’s accomplishments as she has traveled the path of daughter, sister, survivor, advocate, author, teacher, and business owner, but there are themes weaving them together: strength, resilience, kindness, and generosity.

Growing up in the upper peninsula of Michigan, in St Ignace, provided Patricia an appreciation of the great outdoors and the magic in the changing seasons that would foreshadow her changing life paths. Patricia remembers her childhood home as artsy. “Mom loved to draw with pencils and sing, dad loved to read and do woodworking projects.  Our house was always full of books." Although neither parent was highly educated, they instilled in their daughters a love of knowledge, personal creativity, and generosity with others. Patricia loved to write, filling diaries and journals throughout her life; these would form the foundation for her later successful career as an author and publisher.

Patricia’s earliest ventures into the commercial writing genera began at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. There she wrote for the college newspaper, covering a variety of community issues. This experience would eventually grow into writing a business newsletter for her first career in real estate. Her talents in the written word soon evolved into an opportunity to write for the Women’s Council of Realtors local and national newsletter. As she wrote, Patricia managed to complete a B.A. in Business Management and a MAOM in Organizational Management. Today she freely admits that she “studied what would pay well, not what was in my heart.” Now, involved in her third career, “I am pivoting all that business expertise into selling books, marketing our publishing consulting business, and nurturing my writer's club, Scottsdale Society of Women Writers.”

The year 1976 would prove to be a pivotal period for Patricia. Her former husband decided to move home to Arizona, from Chicago. His family connections and fraternity brothers from ASU would provide a new start in life. Although Patricia describes the move as traumatic for her, it would be the rebirth of her personal and professional life. By 1993, she was down a second husband, up with a Masters in Organizational Management and starting her own seminar business facilitating workshops for small businesses in management and promotion to fulfill their business plans. She then carried her expertise into part-time work teaching, as an adjunct professor, with Paradise Valley Community College and Arizona State University.

By the time 2005 arrived, she said “goodbye to the hardest job I ever loved” in teaching and "hello" to focusing on her personal writing career. Along with marrying her third husband, Earl, with whom she founded Brooks Goldmann Publishing, LLC, she also founded the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers and launched her first book Gifts of Sisterhood. Today, Patricia continues to balance all endeavors from her home office as she connects with her vast network of writers and various organizations. One of Patricia’s many passions involves advocating for public awareness of domestic violence in our community, a subject she addresses from personal experience in second memoir, Three Husbands and Thousands of Boyfriends. She delves further into the subject in her new memoir, a personal addiction, recovery and spiritual transformation story, coming out in the spring of 2018.

Patricia L. Brooks does several speaking engagements a month on subjects such as love addiction, domestic violence, post-traumatic stress, recovery and spirituality. She also offers talks on the various aspects of writing, publishing and marketing of books. If you would like more information regarding writing, publishing, scheduling a talk for your group, joining the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers, or something Patricia can connect you with, visit her website at or email her at She is also on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using her name as identification.

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