Town of Carefree
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Carefree Town Council finally gets permanent home, holds first meeting in new chambers


Tara Alatorre

CAREFREE – Carefree Town Council held its first meeting in the new Council Chambers located at 33 Easy Street last Tuesday, finally giving the town council a permanent home after 33 years of renting spaces.

The new building was purchased by the town in September 2015, for $407,000, and has been used as a condominium sales office, and art gallery while the town remodeled it, according to Gary Neiss, Town Administrator.

“After over 33 years as a town, the council will finally have a permanent home,” Neiss said in an email.

The new 3,000 square-foot building has a total occupancy of 227 people, and will feature smart technology. The lights, shades, locking mechanisms and the climate control will be accessible remotely through smart technology, he said.

“The highlight to the beautiful Council chambers is the back-lit Town Seal,” Neiss said.

Other finishing touches still need to take place such as trim, furniture and equipment, but Neiss expects everything to be complete by the next town council meeting Tuesday, Jan. 9.

Neiss commended Toby Payne and Wes Sullivan from Technically Integrated for “their excellent work on the audio visual equipment,” during last Tuesday’s meeting and grand opening of the town chambers.

A formal dedication of the new chambers will be held sometime in the spring of 2018, according to a town press release.