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Being Extraordinary


Shea Stanfield
Arts Columnist

“Fitting in is boring for anyone that wants to be extraordinary!” ~ Adam Levine; a quote lifted directly from the author’s blog. This statement sums up the sassy attitude, “take no prisoners” spirit of local Indie author, freelance blogger, activist for the self-published community, and owner of Writesy Press LLC, Jenn Flynn-Shon. Meeting up with Jenn is nothing short of grabbing a hold of an eel in an attempt to wrestle it from the ocean into a 60-gallon fish tank…you may not be successful, but you’ll never forget the exhilarating experience and you’ll come away with a whopper of a story to tell!

Growing up in Arlington, Massachusetts, Jenn remembers loving to read. She refers to her “passion” much like today’s technology addictions; every waking moment she wanted her nose in a book. Her favorite author, Carolyn Keene, creator of the Nancy Drew series, would have the most initial influence on Jenn’s future writing career. Later, the author that really sent thrills and chills through Jenn's imagination was Stephen King in his novel, Different Seasons – now that fixed an inspired goal, to “write like that!” Today, Jenn definitely credits good writing to being an avid reader all her life.

On the way to becoming a fulltime writer, Jenn dabbled in an English degree program during college, ran a faux finishing business in Boston, working for premiere finishers on Long Island, "clocked in" time on a number of random retail jobs, and served a stint in IT. All of which she considers as “collecting character details” for her future novels. Jenn will be the first to tell you that a “good story is about interesting and compelling characters.” She has put in her time and paid her dues in assembling a wide, diverse collection of personality types that she, and her readers, find endlessly fascinating.

Jenn moved to Arizona in 2011 and “settled on the surface of the Sun, aka Phoenix, Arizona”. The objective was to escape the New England winters and high cost of living. She works from her home studio, where she has plenty of space to spread out her journals, move around, and enjoy plenty of quiet with little distraction. Her genre of choice is anything featuring strong female characters that take charge of their destiny. In other words, Jenn refers to her novels as “Tomboy-Lit, tough leading ladies with tender hearts.” She claims to be a Gen-Xer, so she wants readers to understand that while she lives for happily ever after endings, she sometimes has to push through a lot of sarcastic, cynical muck to get there. Some would call that living in reality with a twist!

All of Jenn Flynn-Shon’s titles are available in digital format. Her anchor fiction series is the Shaw McLeary Mystery Series, three published to date, and the fourth due out next year; this series is also available in print. Jenn’s newest series is California Dreamin’, with two published to date and the third out in November. In this series, each book is a stand-alone, but are based on characters introduced to the reader in the first book of the series. All these works are in the context of a novella or novelette, meaning their length is between 15-40k words.

Along with an ambitious publishing schedule, Jenn is also active in guiding would-be Indie writers through the “minefields” of self-publishing. There is no doubt she excels in this arena as well, using her blog at as her communication and education tool. Jenn is a frequent guest on other blogs related to the subject of writing, in addition to running her own publishing company. No doubt she has a wealth of personal and practical experience on the topics of writing and self-publishing. Jenn invites you to keep up to date on everything in her writing world or to contact her at She is willing to share writing experiences, hints for Indie authors, and all manner of helpful information that will help you in your world of writing.

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