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Chris Yano poses at the Indianapolis 500. The Anthem Country Club resident will open 2013 by competing in the Road to Indy series, as he pursues his dreams of competing in the Indy 500.

Anthem resident set to race down dream


In the game of life Anthem resident Chris Yano acknowledges he only know one speed.
Whether it’s playing board games with his kids or explaining the raspberry on his leg, a product of a slide into home plate during a blowout loss in a recreation league softball game, the 33-year-old Yano matter-of-factly explains that he plays to win.
“I’ve tried to tell my kids that you’ll get out of life what you put into it,” he said.
Yano said his worth ethic was formed as a high school wrestler in Crawfordsville, Indiana.
“I wanted to play basketball,” he said. “I just wasn’t big enough. It was rough when I got cut, but instead of being devastated I decided I’d go out for wrestling. I was just a skinny, lanky kid, but I jumped right in. I’ve always taken whatever I’ve done very seriously. I suffered some bad losses, but a core work ethic was drilled into me. That sport teaches you how much effort it takes to be successful.”
His work ethic served him well as he and his wife got a dog walking business off the ground. When the business grew beyond what they could handle they sold it off and started a new business.
The couple’s current venture is one named after Yano’s life passion, auto racing.
Indiana is legendary for its love of basketball, but the first sporting event most people associate with the state is the Indianapolis 500.
At Brickyard Internet Marketing, Yano’s 4-year-old company, offers full-service Internet marketing for small businesses with offices both in Anthem and in Indiana.
Having spent a career in helping market small businesses, Yano is also using those talents to help market his next challenge.
A man who spent a number of years competing in bull riding is now turning his full attention to racing in the IndyCar “Road to Indy” Series, starting in 2013.
“I suppose you could say I’m an adrenaline junkie, but racing is in my blood,” he said.
Yano explains that his grandfather, Pete Evans, was the Indiana State Carting Champion back in the late 1960s. He said he remembers watching the Indianapolis 500 from the time he was 4-years-old.
A successful go-kart racer in Crawford, Indiana, he continued competing when he moved to Arizona in 1999. From 2001 -2007 he continued his way up the food chain as a race car driver, advancing to more powerful vehicles as he succeeded at the lower levels.
Over the last three years most of his focus has been on building his business and raising his family, three children ranging in age from 12 to 1. All the while he has continued to remain steadfast that his racing dreams will one day become a reality.
“I want to win the Indianapolis 500,” he said. “I’ve won the race at least a 1,000 times in my mind already and it gives me the goose bumps just thinking about it.”
In 2013 Yano will compete in the Star Mazda Championship Series.
“It’s kind of the equivalent of the minor leagues in baseball,” he said.
In order to compete, Yano has had to find corporate backers to offer the financial support necessary to race.
“Sometimes you have to make doors to knock on,” he said. “I’ve made pitches to thousands of companies. I’ve only had about four that have really committed, but we’re going to get where we need to be.”
Although he wasn’t allowed to publicly announce it at press time Yano was excited about a meeting he would be attending in New York regarding officially adding a title sponsor.
While most racers in the division figure to be in their teens and early 20s Yano doesn’t hide from the fact that he’ll be among the elder statesmen.
“I think I’m working out just as hard as they have and I think mentally I’m at an advantage,” he said. “I just need time in the car since I haven’t done it competitively in a couple years.”
If he win the point title during the 14-race 2013 season Yano would earn the right to move up to the Indy Lights division in 2014.
“In those vehicles you jump from 160 miles an hour top speed, which is what I’ll be racing in, up to 190,” he said.
As early as 2015 he said he can envision himself competing on the IndyCar circuit.
“Most people probably think it can’t be done, but I love it when people tell me I can’t do something,” he said. “Not trying is not an option. Where there’s a will there’s a way. I’ll take a guy that has will over one that has skill any day. The guy that has the will I can teach the skills that will get him where he wants to go.”
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