Photo courtesy of Triple R Horse Rescue
Triple R Horse Rescue in Cave Creek recently helped rescue 80 animals from a Chino Valley animal rescue last month. Of the group Triple R Horse Rescue provided temporary care to 17 burros, which were brought to the Cave Creek non-profit, located at 6206 East Rockaway Hills Drive. Of the group the rescue has adopted all, but three of the animals. 
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Cave Creek horse rescue relocates 80 at-risk animals


Triple R Horse Rescue in Cave Creek recently found itself in a unique situation. Earlier this month the non-profit, located at 6206 East Rockaway Hills Drive, ended up helping to rescue nearly 80 animals from another rescue.
“It was a situation where they ran into a reality where they ended up with more animals than they had the funding to support,” Triple R Horse Rescue president Ken Bacher said.
Triple R Horse Rescue and Hoofprints of the Heart, based in Marana, combined to rescue the at risk animals.
“There were seven animal in such bad shape that they had to be euthanized,” Bacher said. “Overall they were being fed, but not much more was being done for them. A lot of them needed hoof care.”
Bacher admits pulling off such an effort puts a tremendous strain on a small rescue.
“It’s incredibly challenging,” he said. “Neither of the rescues had a big truck to haul the animals so we were travelling back and forth from Hacienda de Los Maliagros (HDLM), in Chino Valley transporting six or seven animals at a time. A lot of people stepped up and helped out. The main thing is we got a bunch of animals off to a much better life.”
Of the animals rescued, 39 were eventually sent to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in Texas, while 17 initially came to Cave Creek late last month to live on the 2.5 acre property.
Of that group, Bacher has adopted out all, but three burros.
“I had no idea that there would be such a demand for burros,” Bacher said. “A number of people that have a single horse want a companion for it. Burros are smaller than horses so the cost of ownership isn’t as much. Burros are also good at keeping predators like coyotes away. I’d never considered myself a burro person, but after spending time around them I have to admit they’re just cute.”
Bacher isn’t sure if he’ll have any burros left on the property by July 4, but the non-profit is hosting a potluck at 6:30 p.m., July 4. Following the meal attendees are invited to stay and watch Cave Creek’s fireworks show. The evening will give attendees a chance to check out the rescue and ask questions about being a volunteer. 
The rescue is also in preparation for their Hope for the Horses Gala, set for Oct. 16 at Carefree Resort. The fundraiser will include dinner, live auctions, silent auctions, a video presentation about the rescue, as well as a ring toss with winners receiving wine bottles.
For information on the rescue call 602-317-6176 or go to