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Phone Scam Impersonating MCSO employees


Tara Alatorre
NEW RIVER – The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is alerting residents about a phone call scam that has callers impersonating law enforcement officials demanding immediate payment from victims for unpaid fines or missed jury duty.

The caller impersonates an MCSO employee and states that immediate payment must made by sending a money order or by meeting them in person to collect the payment.  The victims are led to believe that if they do not pay immediately a warrant will be issued and they will risk being arrested, according to MCSO.

The scammers are successful in convincing their victims because they reference personal information including name, date of birth and phone numbers.
MCSO wants to remind residents that MCSO will not ever ask for money over the phone or request to meet you in person to take your money.

If you receive an unusual phone call from someone identifying themselves as MCSO staff, do not provide your personal information.  Report the phone call to the MCSO non-emergency number at 602-876-1011.