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Music in the Soul


Shea Stanfield
“Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe,” Lao Tzu

Local musician, Barbara Moss, has a rare talent for reaching out to the whispers of the Universe.  Her violin’s enchanting tones transforms celestial whispers into the classical music enjoyed in community performances. 

Born and raised in Kirkwood, Miss., which is near St. Louis, Barbara’s parents introduced their daughter to the violin in fourth grade, when a call came from a school music director, Mr. Tolle.  He inquired if Barbara and her twin sister would be interested in playing in the school orchestra. 

Barbara chose the violin, her sister the flute, and the connection was instant for Barbara.  She and her violin would partner for daily practice and Barbara’s familiarity and skill grew exponentially.

Regional competitions and concerts became a routine activity through Barbara’s college years, at Southeast Missouri State College, where she earned a degree in English and minored in music and journalism.

Ultimately, Barbara’s goal was not to have music as work in her life. So, she founded Moss & Company Executive Search, a recruiting company specializing in commercial real estate.  Her clients were developers, builders, contractors, property managers, architects and engineers.  She grew her business to nine recruiters who worked with her for 20 years servicing clients in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Phoenix. 

Barbara’s violin and her music continued as a constant companion.  During her “career years” she served on the Board of the Bainbridge Island Orchestra and continued her performing schedule.  

The time finally came when Barbara and her husband were ready to leave their home in Washington State for retirement in a sunny climate.  Barbara’s first requirement was the new community “had to have a symphony.” 

At that time the Scottsdale Symphony was in operation, and it was enough for a green light.  They moved to Scottsdale, Barbara joined the symphony and the next chapter of their new life began.

Today, Barbara plays with the Scottsdale Philharmonic and serves as part of the leadership team. Its overall mission is to provide the City of Scottsdale and surrounding communities with a professional symphony orchestra that performs traditional classical music repertoire for all ages, without charge. 
The group is made up of local professional musicians and rehearses weekly at a local church in Scottsdale. Barbara sits in the middle of it all with her violin singing. 

In addition, she and her husband enjoy scuba diving.  Over the last 27 years they have dived in Belize, Indonesia, Puget Sound and each year spend a month diving off the Kona Coast off the Big Island of Hawaii.  They are also the proud parents of twins, a boy and a girl, who are 48-years-old.  Barbara considers herself fortunate to have both twins living in the Phoenix area, where it’s easy to fit family activities into everyone’s busy schedules.

The Scottsdale Philharmonic presents five concerts a year, all are open and free to the public, and the performing concert hall seats 2,000 people.

“Nearly every seat is taken for every concert, plus some!” she said.
The remaining concerts in the Scottsdale Philharmonic 2018 series, are performed at 4 p.m. on Sunday April 15, May 20, October 14, and November 18, at Scottsdale Bible Church.  For more information visit

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