Infographic courtesy of Waste Management
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Woman in critical condition after getting trapped in a garbage truck in North Phoenix


PHOENIX – A woman who was sleeping in a dumpster near Peoria and 23rd avenues was transported to a hospital in critical condition after she became trapped in Waste Management garbage truck in the early morning hours of March 26, according to police.

A woman and a man were sleeping in the dumpster when the garbage truck arrived and loaded the trash into the truck and began compacting it.  The man was able to escape and alert the driver that the woman was trapped in the truck, police say.
The woman was transported in critical condition, and there is no update on her condition at this time.

Waste Management would not identify the driver or comment on whether there would be an internal investigation.

“Seeking shelter in or near a trash or recycling dumpster is very dangerous and could lead to serious death,” said Isha Cogborn, a media representative with Waste Management.

Cogburn says that Waste Management is encouraging the public to be aware of any signs that indicate a person is sleeping in a dumpster to prevent accidents like this from happening.

“We encourage everyone in the community to be an extra set of eyes and ears,” she said. “If you see signs that your dumpster may be used for shelter, please contact local police or social service agencies to prevent this tragedy.”