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Police respond to bizarre incident at CCUSD District Office


Tara Alatorre
CAVE CREEK – The Scottsdale Police Department responded to a call of trespassing after three men allegedly barged into the Cave Creek Unified School District’s (CCUSD) Offices demanding to speak to the HR director about an employee’s Facebook post, while recording video on March 5.

The men would not comply with sign-in procedures at the receptionist's desk, which is policy, but demanded to video discussions about the district’s employee.  That is when police were called, according to a letter sent out to parents from CCUSD.
“The man recording was upset at a post one of our employees put on Facebook about him,” said Debbi Burdick the CCUSD Superintendent in an email to The Foothills Focus.  “My understanding is the man’s personal information was posted.”

Once Scottsdale Police arrived the men left the district’s office after a short while but proceeded to walk on the public sidewalk past Cactus Shadows High School.  Then one of the men put on a white mask and goggles “to apparently frighten people,” while walking past the high school, according to the letter sent out by the district last week.

While the police monitored them, the men walked along 60th Street, to Dove Valley Road, to 56th Street back to their cars. They were parked near the Desert Arroyo Campus because they apparently did not know where the office was located because they were from out of town, the letter stated.

“All three remained on the public right of way and eventually left the area,” said Officer Kevin Watts, a spokesperson for the Scottsdale Police.  “There was no danger to students or faculty at the school.”

The men have not been identified by the district or Scottsdale PD at this time, and no citations or arrests were made by police.

“At no time were any students at risk,” said Burdick. “If we or the Scottsdale Police had felt in any way that students or staff could have been in danger, we would have called a lockdown; but the men left and were monitored by SPD.”  

Rumors circulated online that the Facebook post in question may have been racist, but the superintendent stated, “there was absolutely no racism in any of our employee’s posts to the man who came to the district office.”

Burdick stressed that the incident was in no way related to the school, and that the police were called due to non-compliance of a sign-in procedure at the district office.
“We regret the fear and concern that this incident has caused for our school community,” she said.