Pictured:  The Veterans Memorial in Anthem.
Photo courtesy of staff
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Daisy Mountain Veterans to honor 30 local Vietnam Vets


Tara Alatorre


ANTHEM – The Daisy Mountain Veterans Organization is seeking sponsors for its upcoming event that will honor 30 local veterans who served in the Vietnam War.

The ceremony takes place at the Anthem Veterans Memorial on March 10, and each veteran will receive a Department of Defense 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Medallion, a lapel pin, a commemorative shirt and hat. The Vietnam War Medallion was created to be issued to all Vietnam Veterans who served on the ground, air or in the seas.

This year Daisy Mountain Veterans will also honor several families of deceased veterans, including three who were killed in action in Vietnam at the ceremony.

“This ceremony is designed to honor our local Vietnam Veterans,” said Jim Oliveri a spokesman for Daisy Mountain Veterans.  “Many of these men hold multiple combat decorations including the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Silver Star and the Purple Heart”

The Arizona Veterans Band will perform, along with keynote speakers, Rear Admiral James Symonds and Rear Admiral Ronald Tucker. Anyone wishing to become a sponsor for this program will be acknowledged in DMV media advertising.  

“Most of them have never before been publicly recognized for their service,” he said.  “We hope to rectify that with this program.”

For more information visit daisymountainvets.org or email yeeditor@cox.net.