Pictured: Apache Trout swimming in a stream.
Photos courtesy of AZGFD
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Arizona state fish returns: AZGFD to resume stocking Apache trout


PHOENIX -- The Apache trout, one Arizona’s two native trout, are returning to lakes and streams in the White Mountains by this May. The Arizona Game and Fish Department is scheduled to stock around 55,000 Apache trout of a catchable size from its Silver Creek Hatchery .

Stockings could not occur in 2017 due to federal hatcheries having tested positive for Bacteria Kidney Disease (BKD). The state relies on federal hatcheries to supply the eggs necessary to raise Apache trout.

This year, AZGFD is expecting to receive about 200,000 Apache trout eggs. AZGFD has around 100,000 bacteria-free Apache trout eggs that came from the Williams Creek National Fish Hatchery and are being stored at the Tonto Creek Hatchery, which are scheduled to be stocked from May through September.

AZGFD typically stocks Apache trout into Lee Valley Reservoir, East Fork of the Black River, West Fork of the Black River, West Fork of the Little Colorado River at Sheep Crossing (below Mt. Baldy), West Fork of the Little Colorado River in Greer, and Upper Silver Creek

Apache trout can be caught by a variety of methods, including wet or dry flies, small lures, or natural baits, in either lakes or streams. Artificial flies produce the greatest results. Best natural baits tend to be worms or grasshoppers. Subscribe to fishing reports for more stocking details.