Pictured: A glass pendant with an opal made by Barbano Glass. (Left)
Pictured: Anthony Barbano creating fumed glass art. (Right)
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Lightning in a Bottle


Shea Stanfield

Urban Dictionary defines lightning in a bottle as “capturing something powerful and elusive, being able to hold it, show it to the world, performing a rare feat, a moment of creative brilliance…” The definition most certainly describes the mystery and magic in the skilled artistry of local glass artist, Anthony Barbano, of Barbano Glass.

Anthony specializes in the art of fume glass, an ultra contemporary glass blowing technique.  Working, much as a modern day wizard, smoothly and confidently, with the wisdom of an ancient craft Anthony melts 24K gold and pure silver into fascinatingly spectacular blown glass creations.  As with all “Masters of their Universe” Anthony paid his dues dedicating time and focus to earning an education that would serve as the foundation of his awe inspiring glass magic.

Anthony constructed the footings of his foundation in glass by attending the University of Utah where he completed a Bachelor's of Fine Art.  He continued to build on this foundation by traveling to Murano, Italy to connect with his Italian ancestors and meet with Murano’s “masters of glass.”  With a firm grounding in the traditional glass blowing techniques Anthony began applying his skills into the art form by combining ancient glass blowing techniques with modern materials and processes. 

Currently, the “Fumed Furnace-work by Barbano Glass” is Anthony’s newest body of art work.  This innovative art involves the skillful execution of melting 24K gold and pure silver into glass first on a torch, then in a furnace. The process distinctively advances the progressive possibilities of physical vapor deposition (fume) into never-before-seen depth of color in three dimensional glass art.

The Barbano Glass Collection is extremely durable, melting at 6,000 degrees. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, hand made, original work of art, signed and dated for authenticity with titanium.  The entirety of Anthony Barbano’s creations, are inspired by natural elements, both representational and abstract resulting in awe-inspiring original masterpieces.  

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Anthony Barbano and experience the magic of glass, now until March 25, 2018 at Arizona Fine Art Expo, in Scottsdale, Arizona, Scottsdale Road and Jomax, open daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  www.arizonafineartexpo.com.  To contact Anthony, view a selection of his stunning glass art, or to purchase a piece visit website www.baranoglass.com.

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