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Around the Bluhmin’ Town


Did your team win? Football. No longer just a game, but a sensation! During the Super Bowl we will not be derailed by current events or mundane news.  ISIS attacks or a missile launch by North Korea?  Do not bother us! We had THE GAME to watch! There is the spectacle of rushing, passing, unnecessary roughness, tackling, kicking and touchdowns to absorb and discuss. One winner and one loser. Heartbreak and victory.  What a day!
Americans know how to eat! We probably consumed about 100 Billion chicken wings just watching the playoffs. And for the Super Bowl, we were estimated to top 130 Billion wings! That would be enough chicken wings to fill up 1,100,333 football fields. And we didn’t stop there. Dominos Pizza delivered an estimated 13 million slices of pizza on Super afternoon! What did we wash it down with? Try 325 gallons of beer!
It appears that the Super Bowl is a never-ending food fest. It is the second largest food consumption day of the year, right behind Thanksgiving. We will eat all manner of unhealthy, fattening, tasty things that we might never touch the rest of the year. Which is a very good thing, because we’d all blow up like blimps if we kept it up. Come to think of it, maybe it’s good that football has a rather short season.
I decided to get some Velveeta cheese and make a delicious dip. My daughter yelled at me and said that Velveeta is made by the devil and is nothing more than yellow chemicals. My girlfriend says the thought of Velveeta makes her ill and it should be banned as a food product. My neighbor says that Velveeta is not even cheese! My doctor claims that Velveeta will clog the arteries faster than you can scream, “Touchdown!” I say “Foul!” Dice up the yellow log of goodness, mix with salsa and microwave for a minute. Grab the tortilla chips and you too, can become a Food Champion. Hey, a Game Day without a cheese dip would be a “Cheesepocalypse!”
Okay, so we take the Super Bowl pretty seriously. Even if you didn’t like either team, you probably cheered for one. And maybe a non-stop day of eating without the hassle of making a turkey, baking pies and getting the china out is why we love it so much.  We can kick back and watch greatness. There is glory in long bombs thrown with precision and heartbreak in a fumble.  We moan at the near misses and cheer at those big moments.
Super Bowl. One blissful day or tragic disappointment depending on which jersey you were wearing. Dear Readers, I hope your team won! If not, there is always next year. And if you are one of the millions of Americans who indulged in a little too many dips, chips, wings and beer, don’t worry. Tomorrow is a new day . . .  .to tighten our belts, step up our exercise routine and eliminate all fattening foods. Of course, baseball season is coming. Hot dog and a beer?  Eat, drink and Game On!
Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at