Pictured:  The moto track at ilean Segway
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Extreme Segway rides in New River


NEW RIVER – Have you ever wanted to ride a Segway in the most extreme way possible? Well, head down to New River, the only place in the world where you can ride a Segway on a dirt motocross track.

ILean Ride Company offers patrons over two miles of the first, and only dirt moto track that was built exclusively for Segways. The track offers miles of dips curves, table tops and hills that range in size and difficulty from the “Bunny Hill” to the “Widow Maker.”
The company gives riders a training session with a guide, and the track offers bypass roads around hills and other obstacles, so they can choose what kind of experience they want on the track.

“Be careful though, this is not a controlled ride,” according to the ilean website.
Originally ilean was offering rides and races at Outlaws bar in Cave Creek, but the town shut down the bar’s racing events citing noise complaints and zoning ordinances as the problem.  So ilean took its Segways and built a moto dirt track in New River off the Black Canyon Frontage Road and 38th Avenue near the dog park.

So far, the company has seen success in its new location, but it does not plan to continue its operations all year-long.  The owner, John Saxton lives in Arizona during the winter months, and in Colorado during the summer months. His company, ilean offers scenic Segway rides in the Rockie Mountains during the summer.

“We will probably be here until May or once it gets too hot to be outside,” said Saxton.
The Segway track can accommodate up to 12 riders at a time, and costs $25 for 20 minutes of riding, and the 25 minutes does not include your training time. The recommended age for the track is at least 14 years of age, and the recommended weight is 100-260 pounds.

The Segway track is open daily from 11 a.m. until dark, for more information call 623-225-8857 or visit iLeanRideCo.com.