Pictured: Artist Beth Hyatt in her Anthem studio.
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The Magic of Light and Shadow


Shea Stanfield

Tolstoy wrote in his novel Anna Karenina, “All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.”  The study of light and shadow, its mystery and brilliance, was an early fascination for local artist Beth Hyatt.  As a child, growing up in Jacksonville, Illinois, her enthusiasm for photography and drawing, was fueled by early recognition for her talents, through numerous awards from entering a variety of art contests in her early years.

Beth moved to Chicago, after graduating from high school, to pursue an art career at the Art Institute of Chicago, but life had other plans.  Her tall, willowy figure attracted the attention of the fashion industry, and her training, in dance as a teen, gave her an easy poise and sense of composition in the camera lens.  As a consequence she soon became one of Victor Skrebneski’s top fashion models.  This resulted in covers with a number of nationally recognized magazines, one of the most notably the James Bond Playboy cover of 1965.  This success would later enable her to launch “Model Image Center” with her partner, Diane Pryde, for the purpose of helping young women build their own modeling careers.

In 2002, Beth left the modeling business behind and moved to Arizona.  She returned to her foundation and love of the arts.  Beth took her first painting class in 2004; the use of light, shadow, and pattern produced compelling and powerful images.  Beth’s reputation as an award winning fine artist soon brought national and international recognition for her art.  This prompted a number of featured articles, interviews, and juried artist status.  By 2010, Beth was a featured artist on the cover of the annual “Hidden In The Hills Studio Tour” and appeared in advertisements for the “Arizona Fine Art Expo.”

Today, Beth has reversed her relationship with the camera, stepping from in front of the lens to behind.  Her keen artistic eye, compositional intellect, and ability to spot a perfect shot have resulted in canvases of fascinating human portraits, majestic animal images, and brilliantly exotic botanicals.  As a result, her art career has grown expediently.  Beth works from her home studio in Anthem, Arizona where she produces compelling images in both acrylic and oil.  Her studio, “Beth’s Image Studio” is open by appointment.  She welcomes inquiries on existing work, as well as, commissions by clients.  To meet Beth Hyatt and to view a variety of her work, visit Arizona Fine Art Expo, on the corner of Jomax and Scottsdale Road, January 12 -March 25, 2018, open daily from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.  Images can also be seen on Beth’s website at www.Beth-Hyatt-Art.com, or by contacting her at bethsimagestudio@q.com.

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